Production resources

Cutting Line

Línea de Corte

After careful optimisation of the material the straight and angle cutting punches produce the desired shape with absolute precision.

Adhesive Line

Línea Adhesivado

Cladding or lining the basic workpiece with a variety of materials: textiles, adhesives, plating, plastics, etc.

Machining Line

Línea de mecanizado

Our extensive pool of CNC machines transforms the material, adjusting to all types of design including the most complex and in the widest variety of dimensions and shapes.

Painting Line

Línea de pintado

The painting line enables Flanker to propose many different finishes, treatments and paintwork with the highest quality levels, ensuring optimum productivity.

Assembly Line

Línea de montaje

Flanker’s lines assemble all kinds of items to provide the customer with the finished product ready for final assembly.

Packing Line

Línea de embalaje

We adapt to the client’s demands and needs with numerous logistic solutions: cardboard cartons, cages, boxes, containers… deliverable according to your just-in-time, just-in sequence or kit requirements.